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How we help you manage ESG for your portfolio

Single source of truth

Full ESG data at your fingertips: have full ESG oversight of your portfolio on demand.

Portfolio Management

Our software gives you the oversight you need to keep on top of any ESG issues that arise across your entire portfolio.

Due Diligence

Our software makes the ESG part of any due diligence process easy. Any problem areas will be flagged and by leveraging our SedaiExpert platform your will be able to in-depth advice as to how to fix or optimise them.


Benchmarks or KPI’s for your portfolio companies are easy to set up so you can track progress and report to your own investors.

Customizable reports for each building: Unify all data sources to manage your reporting process efficiently.

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SedaiNow has got you covered when it comes ESG data management. Whether for one portfolio company or across an entire existing or prospective portfolio, we have simple yet all encompassing approach.

Step 01

Data centralisation and automation

Once the scope of your ESG requirements has been established, we work with you to locate all the required data points. We then set up links so the data flows as automatically as possible to a central hub.

Step 02

Data analysis

With the hub set up, data is additionally checked for errors and anomolies. Once verified, asset performance can start to be tracked accoridng to any number of required metrics, standards, frameworks, certificates, etc.

Step 03

Auditing and certifying your data

By leveraging our platform you can get your data audited and certified by a third party. So you’ll meet non financial reporting and ESG requirements increasingly demanded by investors and regulators from the outset.

Step 04

Reporting at your fingertips

Different stakeholders may wish for different reporting and metrics - be at asset or portfolio level. Our reporting tool gives you the flexibility to customise and run reports whenever you want.

Step 05

Track your performance and set targets

Whether at operation, group, asset or portfolio level, you can set goals, KPIs and track progress according to any number of certificates, standards or frameworks.

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