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Strategic integration of ESG performance management into your value chain

ESG leads to better business

The statistics are clear - stocks that have high ESG ratings perform better than others. Until now, non-listed companies have not been able to benefit from the effects of such ratings. With the SedaiNow rating we give SMEs the opportunity to demonstrate the sustainability of their performance and gain better access to capital.

Sustainability is becoming a trend

ESG means strategic excellence

ESG-driven management is not only about compliance with regulatory requirements, like the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), but about creating lasting competitive advantages. Let us channel your data into more than a great variety of ESG frameworks and targets to make your business strive in the ESG-conscious economy.

Sustainability is complex
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Unlocking ESG Opportunities


Access to Finance

High ESG ratings provide you with access to better financing conditions, since banks and institutional investors have adopted sustainability KPIs in their financing process as the new norm.


Access to Talent

The war for talent is on. Especially GenX and Z want to work for organizations that do good. Also, employees have begun to publicly criticize their companies for lacking ESG compliance. Integrating ESG into your strategy attracts new talent and improves your employees’ contentment.


Access to Customers & Partners

Customer preferences change towards more sustainable products and solutions. Transparency about your ESG performance will help you secure such customer segments. At the same time, procurement policies of large corporations already include sustainability assessments. Being able to sufficiently answer their requirements gets you access to new markets.

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How we enable sustainable value creation

SedaiNow Software


Our efficient and pragmatic gap analysis quickly identifies your available data and existing ESG activities as well as further opportunities for sustainable business conduct.


We suggest suitable ESG frameworks based on your industry’s requirements, your individual operations, and data availability. Our auditing features ensure regulatory and supply chain compliance.

ESG Data


Analyze your overall ESG performance and drill down to the individual topics to compare yourself to industry peers and across industries.


Set your own targets across E, S, and G topics or use targets from global frameworks, like the Science Based Target Initative. Assign stakeholders and manage the improvement process.

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ESG is a team sport

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SedaiNow is a young team of passionate and authentic entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and ESG- and technology experts that want to enable companies in creating value through sustainable practices. Following triple-bottom line principles, we believe that ecologic, social, and financial goals can be aligned and will lead to more sustainable and profitable outcomes.

We are standing on the shoulders of giants: Our partners, accessible to you through our marketplace, combine several hundred years of sustainable excellence and ensure that your sustainability strategy will become a success!We are building SedaiNow in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Bremen and Chiang Mai.