ESG is the overriding principle in financial & real estate markets

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SedaiNow enables the sustainable transformation of the real estate industry by providing a single source of ESG truth to all market participants.

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And 100+ more data sources SedaiNow can process



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And 300+ more frameworks SedaiNow reports to

World class ESG data mapping technology.
Experts advise along the real estate lifecycle.

Illu of data sources and frameworks SedaiNow can process

Our approach: Combining data sources, industry experts and benchmarks.

Illu of data sources and frameworks SedaiNow can process

Our solution maps data points to any certification, framework or standard at asset-, portfolio- and corporate level.

Screenshot of our software: Reports for buildings

Portfolio and Asset Management


Integrate our software seamlessly into your in-house management solution. Add your own frameworks, standards and metrics and tailor to your needs.

Regulatory & Non-Financial Reporting

Report to your investors, limited partners, regulators and other stakeholders - all fully auditiable. Comply with the latest regulations including SFDR, the EU-Taxonomy, the GHG Protocol, TCFD, CDP or any other relevant framework or standard in any jurisdiction.

Action Planing

Asset-, portfolio-, and corporate-level ESG data allows you to develop ESG strategies, improve and certify performance. Protect asset valuations and access cheaper financing.

Benchmarking & Scoring

Score and benchmark your assets or portfolio versus several exisiting standards, frameworks and certifications across asset- and portfolio-level.

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Screenshot of our software: Properties of buildings

Investment, Financing and Acquisition

Stranding Year

Integration of stranding years on asset- or portfolio-level as part of your risk-evaluation process allows you to weigh-up opportunities faster.


Our solution pre-assesses assets and portfolios against leading certifications, such as DGNB, BREEAM, LEED, WELL and frameworks like EPRA, ECORE, GRESB, or your own.

Due Diligence

By combining, stranding year, pre-assessments and a structured data room our software provides powerful analytic tools to facilitate the due diligence process between you, the asset owners and third parties.

Benchmarking & Scoring

We provide you with indicative scores of building certifications, frameworks and standards. We enable you to setup internal benchmarks and compare aqcusition- and investment targets with your current portfolio.

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Our software: Dashboard

ESG Data Management for Companies

Your single source of truth

A single data source for all reports: we unify all your data in one place.

Regulatory compliance

Different industries have different standards. Different countries have different rules. Our solution covers you globally and keeps you one step ahead of upcoming rules and regulations.

Supply chain transparency

Collect and manage data from all of your suppliers and partners. Set up the policies they need to comply to and ensure the right monitoring tools are in place for continued adherence.

Connect with experts

Software has its limits. Our SedaiExpert Marketplace will connect you to any experts, auditors and consultants you need in case you’re looking for extra insights, advice on solutions, or certifications.

Screenshot of ESG-Report for buildings

ESG for Real Estate Asset Management

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Your single source of truth

Full ESG data at your fingertips: have full ESG oversight of your property portfolio when you need it.

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Real Estate Asset Management

Our software gives you the oversight you need to manage your real estate assets including ESG scoring and benchmarking. We can assist with GRESB reviews and provide the questionaire base for any number of frameworks and certifications including LEED, BREEAM, ECORE, etc.

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Building Valuations

Our software makes the ESG part of any building valuation process easy and will flag up potential ESG related issues. By leveraging our SedaiExpert platform your will be able to find in-depth advice as to how to fix or optimise them (something software cannot do well - yet!)

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Benchmarking and Scoring

In the absence of globalised standards for Real Estate, our software can score or benchmark your assets or portfolio versus several exisiting standards and tools.

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Screenshot of the dashboard for financial institutions

ESG for Financial Market Participants

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Single source of truth

Full ESG data at your fingertips: have full ESG oversight of your portfolio on demand.

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Portfolio Management

Our software gives you the oversight you need to keep on top of any ESG issues that arise across your entire portfolio.

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Due Diligence

Our software makes the ESG part of any due diligence process easy. Any problem areas will be flagged and by leveraging our SedaiExpert platform your will be able to in-depth advice as to how to fix or optimise them.

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Benchmarks or KPI’s for your portfolio companies are easy to set up so you can track progress and report to your own investors.

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All your ESG data, frameworks and certifications in one place, easily auditiable, if required, through our SedaiNow Expert Platform.

Step 1

Define requirements

Select any number of globally exisiting rules, standards, frameworks and certifications or add your own frameworks and metrics, to tailor SedaiNow to your needs.

Step 2

Data Collection

Identify and collect the required data points on asset-, portfolio- and corporate-level. SedaiNow automatically calculates and evaluates the data for the previously defined requirements.

Step 3

Report & Audit

Automate reporting for your asset, across your portfolio, and your company. Invite auditors to ensure certifications and legal compliance. Provide access to third parties that require ad-hoc access, such as investors or financial market participants.

Step 4

Strategic Action Planning

Set targets and KPI's for your company, and identify inefficencies across your portfolio and assets. Connect with service providers to improve asset and portfolio performance or work on your company's strategic ESG roadmap.

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