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ESG Criteria

175.9 kWh/(m²a)
30.5 kgCO₂e/(m²a)
1.37 m³/(m²a)
6.80 kg/(m²a)

Turn ESG into a profit center.


Integrate our software seamlessly into your in-house management solution. Add your own frameworks, standards and metrics and tailor to your needs.

Regulatory & Non-Financial Reporting

Report to your investors, limited partners, regulators and other stakeholders - all fully auditiable. Comply with the latest regulations including SFDR, the EU-Taxonomy, the GHG Protocol, TCFD, CDP or any other relevant framework or standard in any jurisdiction.

Action Planning

Asset-, portfolio-, and corporate-level ESG data allows you to develop ESG strategies, improve and certify performance. Protect asset valuations and access better financing.

Benchmarking & Scoring

Score and benchmark your assets or portfolio versus several exisiting standards, frameworks and certifications across asset- and portfolio-level.

A versatile software solution. Easy to use. Simple to integrate.

ESG-Report for BuildingsESG-Report for BuildingsESG-Report for BuildingsESG-Report for Buildings

Accompanying you
every step of the way.

Utility Data

Data centralisation and automation

Once the scope of your ESG requirements has been established, enter utility data including electricity, water, fuel, heating, and waste data - or automate the data entry if you are already using smart-meter and sub-metering technologies.

Data Analysis

Pre-Assessments & Rating

Evaluate asset performance according to any number of required metrics, standards, frameworks, or certificates. Add your own in-use standards appropriate to tailor SedaiNow to your needs.

Structured Data Room

Due Diligence made easy

By combining, stranding year, pre-assessments and a structured data room our software provides powerful analytic tools to facilitate the due diligence process between you, the asset owners and third parties.

Regulatory and Non-Financial Reporting

Reporting at your fingertips

Different stakeholders require different reporting and look at different metrics - be it at asset-, portfolio-, or corporate level. SedaiNow allows you to report into any type of request.

Strategic Action Planing

Track your performance and set targets

At asset- and portfolio level, set targets and KPIs in accordance with frameworks such as CRREM. Compare your asset and management performance against DGNB, BREEAM, LEED or any number of other certifications and understand what actions should be taken to improve your sustainability performance.


Building & ISO standards

For building that demonstrate high levels of sustainability and responsibility there are numerous certification and ISO standards options that will boost property value and tenant attractiveness.

Third Party Access

Collaboration & Auditing

Provide data access to your partners, stakeholders and auditors for reporting, management and communication purposes.


Consulting & Advisory Services

Connect with Sustainability Consultants, Auditors, Planners, Architects, Scientists, Financial Services and other experts to support your journey.

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